Roguelike expedition sim Curious Expedition launches a massively multiplayer mode


If you’ve ever wondered what Oregon Trail might look like set in a procedurally generated jungle and as a large-scale multiplayer game, then you might be intrigued by Curious Expedition and its newly announced Rivals mode, which takes the formerly single-player expedition-focused roguelike and swells it to multiplayer proportions.

In Curious Expedition, players take on the role of a 19th century pioneer group that explores randomly-generated maps. Players have to manage trek supplies, expedition sanity, and battles with the wildlife of the map while searching for treasure to loot. Rivals mode will take these gameplay beats and expand them for large-scale multiplayer, with maps that are 10,000 times the size of normal maps and the opportunity to have your trek’s first discoveries announced for all other players to see. There’s also over 140 Expedition Crates tailored to certain playstyles that players can equip their treks with.

As an added incentive to hop in to Rivals mode, those who are the first to find a hidden golden pyramid on the map will get immediate access to the Curious Expedition 2 closed alpha test. For those who aren’t really eager to enter that race (or don’t fancy their chances), you can simply sign up.

source: Steam via PC Gamer
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Pretty fun game. bought it yesterday and played it a bunch. Quite a few others did the same it seems, as their multiplayer servers have a hard time keeping up.