Wurm Online shows off a number of in-progress updates


Wurm Online popped up during this past Thanksgiving holiday weekend to let its players know that it’s still doing stuff and to show off a bit of that stuff. It’s not a lot of stuff, really, but some stuff is better than no stuff, yes?

First off, a number of new keybinds will be added with the next update to make interacting with the world of Wurm that much easier. Artwork for ship sail furling states has also been completed as well as various different types of farming boxes, but neither of these updates will make it until a bit closer to Christmas. One of the Wurm GMs has also posted details for the 2019 Blackmoor Christmas Impalong event, which looks to bring together crafters and priests to improve and enchant others’ items for free as well as hold events, games, and giveaways.

The post also opened with an allusion to some manner of confusion, likely as a result of a recent decision to scale back Wurm Unlimited support. “There’s been a lot of upheaval and questions that right now we don’t have answers to, and I know that makes things uneasy in your confidence in the game. I can assure you that we are here and going to be here for a long time, we know our goal of continuing to polish the game and address bugs and your suggestions and we are working towards it every day,” explains the post.

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