Final Fantasy XI introduces big shifts to Domain Invasions in December

Work on a team.

Domain Invasions have been in Final Fantasy XI for a while, but the fact of the matter is that they just aren’t as relevant for much of the playerbase any longer and can thus provide a real hurdle to actually clear. Thus, the game’s December update is going to make this content easier for players to enjoy while keeping the feel of fighting alongside multiple allies; solo and small-group players should have more to actually do and more ways to approach the content.

Meanwhile, both Dark Knights and Paladins have been targeted for adjustments in this patch. Dark Knights get a reworking of the Scythe damage calculation to give the iconic weapon of the job some extra affection; Paladins, on the other hand, get some tricks to help differentiate the job from Rune Fencer, like AoE Cure abilities and the ability to use Banishga. It should help with differentiating the two jobs, and hey, who is ever going to say no to new spells in your arsenal?


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Not bad for a game in maintenance mode! Thought these revenue estimates suggest these minor updates are worth every penny.