Monster Hunter World: Iceborne brings new high-end hunts, Guiding Lands area, and weapons to console

Meanwhile PC players are just kinda waiting and watching


Monster Hunter World’s Iceborne expansion keeps on keeping on with another free update full of stuff for those console players who like to swing impossibly big weapons at even bigger monsters. The most recent title update is opening up a new area in the Guiding Lands, bringing some new weapons for those who still are working through the base game’s story, and of course, lots of new monsters to hunt.

For players at the top end, there’s a new Tundra region added to the Guiding Lands to explore, where players can expect to run into snuggly beastie friends like the Barioth and Viper Tobi Kodachi. There’s also some new materials waiting in the Tundra to increase the maximum level of weapon augmentation, and there’s some new meaner monsters added with the update such as the dragon element-infused Stygian Zinogre and the Tempered Ruiner Nergigante.

If you’re among those players who are still fresh to the New World, there’s some new Defender weapons that can be crafted. These weapons are described as easy to create and upgrade, and when paired with the Guardian armor set, they should help players make their way through the base game with relative ease and into the content of Iceborne.

Finally, there’s a variety of new cosmetic items for player rooms, some seasonal events kicking off on December 20th, and PS4 players can look forward to some new weapons and armor as part of the ongoing crossover with Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds. You can check deeper details in the patch notes as well as watch the videos below for all the information you need.

source: press release
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