Path of Exile outlines update plans to the Metamorph League for the rest of December

Path of Exile outlines update plans to the Metamorph League for the rest of December

I’m going to be honest, I was half expecting another novella out of Grinding Gear Games when the devs shared a link to their plans for future updates in Path of Exile’s ongoing Metamorph League. But nope, this one is surprisingly brief, actually. Not that I mind their informative usual posts, mind you, but this is kind of nice.

On point: The remaining weeks of 2019 will see a number of high priority issues addressed. Some of these issues include improving eye drops in Metamorph encounters (which is hella creepy out of context), tweaking memory usage on Windows 7, fixing the spawning of Sirus’ storm at the entrance of Oriath, and making sure that Metamorph bosses can be frozen. Those are just a few of the items that are on the list of known issues that the devs will be working to improve through December.

Don’t worry, many devs are gong to get some well-deserved rest during the holidays and the post explains that the devs are staggering their holidays in order to maintain Path of Exile while still getting some downtime themselves. Seriously, this is just another reason why GGG won our Studio of the Year award.

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I mixed on this league.

Like my character (spectal throw) and some of the league mechanics, and I’ve got a solid amount of exalts to play with early on.

But the map update…I think I get it, but it doesn’t feel very good and more often than not I feel like I have no maps to run to progress anywhere (unlocking more dudes, or even just running maps around my tier). My brother has had worse luck and after spending a few days with white maps is almost to the point of giving up…and he’s been playing hardcore for years.

Meta is…a gamble. Garbage XP and you can get fucked depending on the abilities they have (those matter more than their power), but drops are good and it will be nice when eyes actually drop again.

I’m glad they got the auto-loot patch in before the holidays. Take a break, come back and dive back in with fresh eyes and lower stress. And that they’re proactively staggering vacation so that folks will be around is both great and terrible. It’s fantastic planning on their part, but damn if I wish it wasn’t necessary either way.

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I was a bit disappointed to read a couple of poe forum threads that were basically complaining that the game devs had gone on their Christmas break while POE still has has issues.

I mean I am sure their families will understand and put their Christmas plans on hold while they work some more so you can play a game.

/sigh I shouldn’t be surprised or disappointed when I read such things but part of me always is.