The Repopulation will open its new tutorial island location on January 1


Back in the very beginning of December, The Repopulation had detailed a new island starting area set to release with a patch later in the month. After a reported number of delays, phase one of this new area is ready to arrive with a new patch due at the very beginning of 2020.

As reported previously, this new island will feature six different locations each with a variety of missions spread out around them. Most of these missions are ones from old builds, but they’ve been adjusted in order to flow together. Idea Fabrik admits that this flow is a bit disjointed right now, but plan to improve that and add a mission/dialog system as updates to the area are made, as well as add new missions to the game. The new tutorial island should still make sense for players traversing the area, with roads and landmarks to help players find their way around.

In addition to more missions, the devs are looking at adding a modular UI, improving the way players choose their Nation, and continuing work on the inventory and container system. There’s also visual updates planned, with additional buildings, flora and fauna, texturing, and dynamic details coming along the way.

source: official site, thanks to James for the tip!

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Would love to see this game make a surprise comeback.


I jumped in this game earlier this year and it has great ideas. Hopefully they can put something together that takes those ideas and make them into a great game. It doesn’t run super great. If it ran smoothly, I’d play it more but it’s rough.