RuneScape provides some in-character teases of the Warforge Archaeology site

RuneScape provides some in-character teases of the Warforge Archaeology site

If you’re among those invested in the lore of RuneScape, then a post on the game’s website from a couple of weeks back might have gotten your interest. If you’re not a lorehound, however, you still might want to pay attention, as the post provides a number of teases about a location known as the Warforge.

The post itself is effectively shared as stolen journal pages from Professor Tony the archaeologist, with several entries regarding a dig at Oo’glog. It recounts the attempts to have several discovered goblin artifacts analyzed by two different goblin experts (who almost immediately got into a fight over the matter) and nods to the existence of the Warforge, which was used as a military institution for the goblins a long time ago.

The final entry in the journal provides some of the most context, as it shares an anonymous letter from a mysterious benefactor who asks to join Professor Tony’s expedition:

“I know many stories about the Warforge! and none of them are good. Yes, it is where Bandos trained his armies, but it is also where he pitted his loyal minions against each other in bloody battles to the death. The survivors were sold off as mercenaries, and Bandos used his profits to build ever more terrible machines of war.

But at some point, everything changed. Legend has it that just before Bandos was banished at the end of the God Wars, he collapsed the great underground structure… with his armies still inside. I suppose he decided that if he could not have his toys, nobody could.

The time that followed is known only as the ‘Forge Wars’. Nobody knows for sure what happened in the ruins of the Warforge!, only that a few lucky goblins escaped – and then they never spoke of their experience again.”

The Warforge, of course, is part of content updates revealed at RuneFest 2019 centered around Archaeology. This will, apparently, be the final tease for the Warforge Archaeology site, as Professor Tony has apparently become wise to the fact that his journal pages are being stolen. Woops.

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Techno Wizard
Techno Wizard

RuneScape is going from strength to strength. I am looking forward to a strong 2020 for RS, maybe I will finally take the smartphone plunge with the main RS game if it finally launches on mobile, lots of games have, especially Old School RS which I am already enjoying on mobiles.