MMOs you’ve never heard of: Asteidus, Hordes, Voidspace, and Bloodstone


Think you’ve played it all in 2019? That kind of hubris means that it is time for another tour of MMOs you’ve never heard of!

We’ll kick off today’s foursome with Asteidus, a fantasy game “which puts focus on story driven quests and a world of magical landscapes, rich with unique history and mythology.” PvP seems to be a core feature of this one, with players clawing over each other’s corpses to eventually ascend to godhood. It’s currently in pre-alpha, so it looks like we have some time before it comes out.

For those pining for olden eras, there is Bloodstone Online, a retro-themed isometric title that recalls the halcyon gaming days of the 1990s. Bloodstone wrapped up a three-year beta test earlier this month and should be launching both Brazilian and European servers very soon.

Small, boxy, and bloodthirsty: That’s that population of Hordes in a nutshell. This web-based MMO tosses players in a minimalistic but colorful battleground and has them duke it out for supremacy and loot. It sounds as though there is some PvE boss hunting to this beta MMO as well.

Finally, slip the surly bonds of earth and take off for the stars in Voidspace. This cross-platform survival MMO “isn’t just about you and your journey, it’s about how all players progress technology, society, and infrastructure in a virtual environment together.” It’s not just about you, Todd. Get over yourself.

Anyway, if you’re willing to drop $20 on early access, you can explore the 2-D cosmos. Looks pretty, at the very least!

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