MMO sim Identity breaks silence to cite funding problems and ask for community help


Considering that we haven’t heard a peep from the indie life simulator Identity for a half-year now, we were starting to assume the project was on its way to becoming vaporware. Fortunately for fans of the game, a newsletter has emerged to assuage fears of stalled progress.

The team cited a lack of funding as an excuse for slow progress, which in turn will be changing how Identity will roll out over the next few years. Instead of huge modules, like the Town Hall, the team is focusing on “incremental updates” that will add new content and systems in a piecemeal fashion. Additionally, the team is inviting select skilled community members to volunteer their efforts in developing the sandbox title.

The team also defended the use of its $1.6 million budget, part of which came from Kickstarter. “It should be understood that we received that sum over the course of over four years,” the team said. “After taxes, licensing fees, platform fees, refunds, etc, our annual developer salary budget has been on average about $170,000.”

Identity recently pushed out a new build to Steam and will be shifting its efforts from the Town Square module to the SWAT module (which, again, will be constructed bit by bit).

Source: Newsletter, Steam. Thanks Gnomeland!
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