Torchlight III zeroes in on the Sharpshooter, warns of a wipe


How have you been coping with Torchlight Frontiers’ transition away from an MMO and toward the limited multiplayer Torchlight III? I’m going to start a support group to voice grievances and binge eat cookies, myself.

[AL:TL3]Well, what’s done is done, and PWE and Echtra Games are marching boldly forward with the next update for the game. Update 10 is on the horizon, and with it an overhaul for much of the game. The headlining news is the addition of another act and a class — the “powerful and nimble” Sharpshooter.

“In the last three months, Torchlight III has undergone some massive improvements,” Echtra said. “We’ve changed from F2P to premium, removed horizontal progression, supported a new, better story, added new bosses, dramatically improved the character leveling, monster, and environment pacing, added the 3rd Act — Echonok, dressed up the new Sharpshooter class, and so much more.

And while the studio was previously committed to keeping wipes away from the alpha test, Echtra is changing its mind there as well. It sounds as though a wipe is on the way soon as the studio provides ways for testers to jump around in levels.

The newly closed alpha is live now:

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