Phantasy Star Online 2 prepares players for closed beta with English voice acting and retained progress


Fans with an Xbox One are going to be playtesting the localized version of Phantasy Star Online 2 on February 7th. Players on the PC will have to wait a little bit longer, unfortunately, until a yet-unknown time… which probably smarts a little more when you consider the announcement that progress made in the closed beta will carry over to the open beta and launch. Of course, it does make sense; the mechanics aren’t really what’s going to be tested here.

Things that are being tested, on the other hand, include localization… which also includes a full suite of English voice acting for the entire game, including the game’s various concerts and the like. Players will have the option to swap between English and Japanese voices as desired, so you needn’t feel locked in to one or the other, but both versions will be fully acted. It’s not quite clear if the game’s launch version will have all the content currently in the game’s Japanese version or not, but voices will be present for both versions regardless.

Source: Twitter (1, 2, 3)
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