Warcraft 3: Reforged is now apparently offering instant refunds with no official statement from Blizzard

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Fortunately for Blizzard, after the not-great launch of Warcraft III: Reforged, everything blew over… by which we mean things got significantly worse, to the point of angry players making a faux-advertising page for Warcraft III: Refunded. The good news (relatively speaking) is that refunds appear to now be happening properly after some reports of issues; the less-good news is that there’s literally an automated form for requesting and providing refunds, which doesn’t bode well for the state of affairs or fixes to the game.

Other highlights include the game officially reaching the lowest user review score on Metacritic (which says more about review-bombing than anything, but hey), uncovering that the main menu is basically a thinly veiled Chrome client, art studio workers from Lemon Sky Studios going on Reddit semi-anonymously (with two threads, although one is now deleted), and the continued lack of any sort of official statement posted on the launcher or forums about the numerous issues with the game as it stands. The anonymous statements on Reddit do offer some insight, though:

The other reason we posted this was simply to talk to you guys, and in a way, to just loosen up after a long project is finished. The more senior of us has worked on this project for about 2 years, some people work on it as soon as the join the company, and for some staff, this project is all they’ve ever worked on. To have it come out in the state it’s in is hurtful and frustrating to say the least, so please bear with us. Sometimes when all you do is make things for others, you wanna hear it from that person what they think of your work, it means a lot.

We doubt that all of this really mollifies the people who actually wanted an enhanced version of Warcraft III as advertised, but at least you can enjoy some schadenfreude in the interim?

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