Anthem’s weekly updates stay thin as the launch anniversary approaches


If you were hoping from something big from Anthem this week, with the anniversary of its launch rushing up on us soon, well, I’m sorry to be the one who’s going to disappoint you here. BioWare’s weekly update is once again extremely brief, spending most of its actual words promoting community content on social media – which to be fair is most of the big content on Reddit right now as the thicc colossus memes continue multiplying.

The post does, however, survey week nine of Icetide; in addition to new cash shop cycling, BioWare is touting the return of The Sunken Cell stronghold with the Thin Ice daily and Cracked Ice weekly.

Anthem spent most of 2019 getting kicked around, making promises, and then losing the top developers who made them; most recently, it lost its head of live service to the WOTC team helmed by other ex-BioWare vets. Since Catalclysm, it’s done little but seasonal events, and then in November of last year, we caught wind of a supposed reboot being worked on in secret.

Here’s the sweet gif from Twitter user @Faidren highlighted in the post.

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