Ultima Online pegs March for update 108, teases something big for the ‘largest audience ever’


Ultima Online’s first newsletter of the new decade is a hodge-podge, but let’s get to the big tease first. What is it? We don’t know, but we have guesses.

“The team has spent the better part of January thinking about what the future of Britannia looks like. For over two decades players from all over the world have been part of the Ultima Online experience. Those players have forged a legacy that will live on for generations. For those who have been part of that legacy, you know the joy and excitement that comes with calling yourself a Britannian. To build on that legacy and bring Ultima Online to the largest audience ever, the team is in the early stages of designing and building our biggest and boldest endeavor in over a decade! We are incredibly excited about the future and cannot wait to share the journey with you!”

Fingers crossed that “largest audience ever” means Steam; Broadsword has been trying to bring the game to Steam for literally years at this point, but EA has nixed it at every turn.

What else is on deck? Broadsword Producer Bonnie “Mesanna” Armstrong says publish 108 will drop in March, bringing major changes to IDOCs – that is, houses “in danger of collapsing” – such that folks camping them hoping to score loot will no longer be able to see decay states on house signs. There are changes inbound for the event moderator team, new vet rewards (pig mount!), new ladders and spiral staircases in the cash shop, and plans to tweak several chunks of content, including the Maritime black market and multiple quests.

Source: Newsletter
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