Astellia Online patches in a quest merge and a difficulty adjustment that wasn’t meant to be in-game yet

Wheedle deedle

Sometimes you just get stuff you weren’t expecting. An extra McNugget in your McOrder from McDonald’s. An extra few LEGO-brand construction bricks in your latest building kit. Some extra adjustments that weren’t actually intended for the most recent patch but went live anyhow. That one’s a bit unusual, but it happened forĀ Astellia Online, and the developers seem to be taking it with a shrug and a smirk that players got some updates meant for the 25th a bit early.

Star’s Tale difficulty level has been adjusted, either reducing the number of required materials for crafting or improving the drop rate for related items. The game has also merged dungeon quests, with the quests now available to be completed either solo or in a group and party-only quests still able to be cleared but not available to re-take. These changes were planned, but they were originally coming later in the month… but now you get them early. What’s not to like?

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