Crowfall’s February Q&A tackles tentpole features, survival tray, and racial passives


ArtCraft’s J. Todd Coleman and Thomas Blair are back for another monthly Crowfall Q&A, covering all the questions and big news as the Drengskapar campaign is rolling into its last few days before the new patch hits the test servers. The duo tackle region-locking (there isn’t any), the survival tray, combat hate lists, plate-wearing classes, harvesting powers, a relook at stealth gameplay (happening), the new power loadout spellbook, mutually exclusive talent picks, and the Russian servers.

A chunk of the intro is spent on the next patch’s “tentpole” features city-building, GvG, and caravans, but also cool things like refineries, which as Coleman says would’ve been the tentpoles in earlier patches – that’s how big 5.10 is, and yes, they’re bubbling over with excitement to get it out to players.

There’s also a question about updated racial passives that leads into a sneak peek of the Half Elf racial passives that will hopefully bring the character out of the realm of sadness. Many of the racials are harvesting- and crafting-centric, mind you, though some will work in combat.

ArtCraft also released a brief dev blog this week on one of its War Tribes, the Aracoix, specifically the Aracoix Knight.


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