Crowfall takes a closer look at character race disciplines


Racial passives in MMOs are a bit of a dying system, but Crowfall is bringing them back with racial disciplines, which were the subject of a recent dev blog from Thomas Blair.

Racial disciplines are racial passives by any other name, and they’ve been a thing in Crowfall for a while, but they are far more varied now that the devs have access to more tools to make more interesting and thematically appropriate powers. For example, Stoneborn have a passive that has a chance to remove bleed effects, Centaurs can’t be dismounted by damage like other races can (for what should be obvious reasons), and Guineceans being an industrious race get a boost related to the Caravan system.

The blog expresses the desire to make the choice of race a challenging one for players to mull over, as every race should have distinct benefits and disadvantages while not outright forcing players down a specific playstyle. “The choice of character race should be one step in the chain of how you build a character, and that choice is only interesting if it provides distinct benefits and tradeoffs between unique avenues that are mutually exclusive and extremely appealing,” writes Blair.


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