The Division 2 announces March 17 arrival to Stadia with PC cross-play


It’s too early to tell whether this will be the shot in the arm the Stadia needs to its anemic and generally unattractive to developers platform, but The Division 2 has been confirmed to be heading to Stadia this month and will even support cross-play with the PC version.

The multiplayer shooter is due to arrive to Stadia on Tuesday, March 17th, and will let Stadia users and PC players play together online at launch. This feature is likely the big one for most Stadia owners, as most games on the platform don’t offer cross-platform play, resulting in Stadia-only lobbies that end up woefully empty for online multiplayer games.

Google maintains that they support cross-play between Stadia and other platforms, but the decision is ultimately up to the developers of each individual title. In any case, Stadia owners may finally have a little something new to play with others even as the platform continues to have growing pains.

source: Gamasutra

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Dug From The Earth

This is great for the 10 stadia players

But is meaningless for the pc players

Division 2 really isnt that much of a multiplayer game. You roam the open world by yourself or with MAYBE up to 3 others that MUST be in your group.

Great game though… crossplay functionality just seems lost on a game like this, rather than say a game that is more multiplayer feeling. Even something like Destiny 2 would benefit more, as you actually see other players running around on planets with you.

Danny Smith

Fuckin’ what.

That game is already a rubber band lag nightmare. How on earth is this remotely streamable? thats like streaming fallout 76 or Anthem.

Aaron Weddle

googles streaming technology is Best in class and idk the lag isn’t that bad for me except were hit hardware limits of my machine network lag isn’t an issue Stadia would end the lag of hardware limits

Dug From The Earth

Been playing every day for the last month, no issues with lag. Im in Ohio, and I connect with my son in California… both of us have smooth gameplay.

Not saying you dont… just saying my experience is quite different.


Finally some news about a game actually coming to Stadia. I wonder what sort of ungodly unholy deal Google had to make with Ubisoft to get them to do this :P

Hikari Kenzaki

Yeah, I imagine TD2 is one of the few games that can easily just connect people to the uplay servers and be done with it.