Hearthstone celebrates its sixth anniversary with the Spirit of Competition event


Hearthstone is both saying goodbye to the Year of the Dragon and celebrating six years of operation in one fell swoop with the start of the Spirit of Competition, an in-game event that will be offering up free goodies to players and some Brawls to play in.

Everyone who logs in between now and Tuesday, March 17th, will be handed two Rise of Shadows packs, two Saviors of Uldum packs, two Descent of Dragons packs, and the Year of the Dragon commemorative card back. Players can also earn additional packs by completing challenges.

Hearthstone is also bringing back a new version of the Burndown Brawl, where players will take control of a random deck and the loser of each brawl will be given their opponent’s deck for the next match to determine which deck is the best, and an update version of the Hall of Champions Brawl that lets players use winning decks from World Championships competitions in their pre-balance update form.

These events are the start of what are promised to be “exciting plans for the months to come” according to the announcement post. Until we all learn what those plans are, there’s free stuff to get and Brawls to join.


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Danny Smith

Man i actually forgot this existed. Thats crazy since everyone i know was crazy about it for the first year and now i don’t see a soul talk about it. But then the same is true of Overwatch but thats got obvious problems i always assumed Hearthstone had longer legs.

TherecDaMage .

It’ll be interesting to see how they focus this game in the months to come. Right now Battlegrounds insanely popular to the point of rivaling rivaling TeamFight Tactics, but the standard card game is kinda stale. Wonder what they do to monotize Battlegrounds since people care way more about that right now then they do the main game.