Wolcen devs discuss launch issues, cash shops, endgame updates, and a new story chapter


The developers of Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem recently sat down for an interview with Gamestar¬†– it’s in German, but a helpful Reddit post has offered up an approximate translation. Primarily, the developers talk about a bit about the game’s rough launch, saying that they were afraid delaying again would cause too much backlash among fans and that they badly underestimated the number of players who would want to jump in on the first day.

However, it’s a brighter picture from there, as the developers turn their gaze to the game’s future. They have ambitious-sounding plans for endgame updates, a new story chapter, and what sounds like a seasons feature similar to Diablo III.¬†These updates were planned for shortly after launch, but they have been pushed back for now as the developers want to spend the next four months focusing entirely on bug fixes and polish.

Other future plans for the game include a cash shop offering cosmetic microtransactions, but there’s no ETA on that, as the developers are placing it at the bottom of the priority list right now, a decision many gamers will no doubt approve of. You may also be comforted to know that currently all future content updates are planned to be free of charge.

We recently took at look at Wolcen for our Not So Massively column, finding it to be a very fun if somewhat unoriginal entry in the ARPG field: “Nothing about Wolcen feels all that new, but the graphics are gorgeous, the combat is visceral and satisfying, and it just feels good to play.” The ARPG currently has similarly mixed reviews on Steam.

Source: Gamestar.de via reddit
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