Call of Duty: Warzone scored 15 million players in its first four days of operation

Hello? I'm here because someone called? Something about duty?

Hey, when the timing is right, the timing is just right. Call of Duty: Warzone is the battle royale free-to-play spinoff of the Call of Duty franchise, which means it was always likely to draw in some numbers right from the start. But it turns out it’s drawn in lots of numbers, with the game surpassing 15 million players after four days of being live according to its official Twitter account. That’s no small feat for any game, although given that the water mark was announced on March 13th it may have already acquired more.

Some of this is likely due to the obvious curiosity factor coupled with the fact that many schools are currently out and businesses are working from home, leaving people with more free time to enjoy shooty-bang-bang as a distraction. But the net effect is that the playerbase is currently present and enthusiastic for this game, making the whole thing a net win for the developers. It’s also a net win for everyone having fun with the new game, too; let’s not forget that aspect.

Source: Twitter via Gamasutra

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Rodrigo Dias Costa

I’ve installed since it was free, played a couple rounds and uninstalled already. Not worth wasting +80GB of available space on this.

Hikari Kenzaki

Yeah, lots of streamers jumped into it for the first time and lots of new players as well, since it’s a free-to-play game and so many people are playing it.

The key will be, with incomes being uncertain, will people actually spend money on it?


Many people cant even get the game to run properly.

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Yeah people who don’t game are looking to video games right now. Even coach potatoes are bored and we are just getting warmed up.


The funny thing is it’s not a new game just new modes that have been given to people for free.

Sean Sarah

Some people sell just that mode as a game.
Besides, it’s pretty fun.