Dauntless’ next Hunt Pass adds prestige levels, new XP sources, and changes to bounties and tokens


Every season in Dauntless has a pretty standard gameplay loop: You take up some Bounties, you complete the stated objectives and beat up on some Behemoths, you earn XP for the Hunt Pass and unlock a bunch of cosmetics. Pretty routine stuff for battle pass-style monetization. The next Hunt Pass season, however, is going to shake things up quite a bit.

For one thing, players will be able to earn Hunt Pass levels beyond level 50, which are otherwise known as prestige levels. Each prestige level completed earns players Vault Coins that can be spent in the Vault (naturally) which contains hard-to-find items from previous Hunt Passes like full cosmetic armor sets, weapon skins, and emotes.

If you’re among those players who don’t grind like mad to get to level 50 with every pass, don’t worry, that’s getting refined too. Players will now get Hunt Pass XP for every pursuit, patrol, Escalation, or Trial taken on that involve fights harder than Lesser Behemoth level. And if you’re one of those who hasn’t hit endgame heights and unlocked every hunt type available, there will be Hunt Pass XP handed out for completing campaign quests as well, with each campaign quest rewarding enough XP to get to the next Hunt Pass level.

Finally, this new Hunt Pass will be making tweaks to bounties and bounty tokens. The number of bounty tokens players get each pass is changing from 10 to four, and bounty tokens won’t drop from monsters. These adjustments are in response to the added Hunt Pass XP sources which should mean players won’t need so many tokens to get to level 50. That said, players will still get two free tokens a day.

As for bounties, cards that require players to go on a number of patrols or gather a number of items in the field won’t need to do quite so much of either, and rare gold bounties have been adjusted to make getting one “feel like a win,” whatever that means.

All of this is due to arrive with the Scorched Earth update on Thursday, March 19th, which is also bringing the new Blaze Escalation, flame-powered Behemoths, and a new monster to fight.

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