Blade & Soul Revolution kicks off pre-registration for its English version

Walk it back, walk it back, walk it back.

Yes, if you want to get Blade & Soul in a more mobile spin-off form, you can start pre-registration for the English version of Blade & Soul Revolution today. That doesn’t precisely mean that it’s open for business in North America, though; if you check on the game’s store page for pre-registration, you’ll see that it links to the SEA Facebook page, which links you to the main site where you can properly pre-register to earn some rewards.

Publisher Netmarble used a similar launch rollout when releasing Lineage 2 Revolution, so it’s more than likely a continuation of that particular approach. Regardless, if you’re keen on seeing how the mobile version of the title plays and don’t care if the servers are localized but perhaps a little less local, you should hop on over and pre-register for the game. You get a free outfit. Why wouldn’t you want a free outfit? It’s free. You should also check out some trailers as provided by MMO Culture if you haven’t been following this one.

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