The Division 2 plans balance changes to several enemies, skills, exotics, and talents in update 8.5


Ah yes, the balance change update. The one that either brings joy or rage to a player’s face. The Division 2 is primed for one of these sort of balance changing patches when update 8.5 releases, though I’ll not venture any guesses on whether players should feel feel joy or rage and leave that to be disseminated in the comments instead.

Here’s what’s changing: A variety of enemies are getting some balance tweaks like Warhound Miniguns getting less 360 spins and increased windup and after-shot delay for Warhound Grenadier triple shots, reduced duration and tick damage for Outcast Incendiaries and Molotovs, and a number of nerfs to Pentagon bosses. There are also improved behaviors for Assault Turrets and Assault Drones, and the poison status is also seeing reduced duration and tick damage.

The changes to Exotics and Talents fall in either the reworked or buff category, with tweaks to things like the Diamondback, Sawyer’s Kneepads, Merciless and Ruthless, and Empathic Resolve. There’s a lot of adjustments planned here, so make sure to look over the preliminary notes.

Players can look forward to these adjustments in update 8.5 sometime in early April. As far as more immediate adjustments are concerned, there’s been a smaller patch released today that applies a few bug fixes and a balance adjustment to Lady Death.

source: official forums (1, 2)

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Thanks for the update, friends and I are having fun in their new 3 month Season. It certainly has made things more interesting, and although I hate the new difficulty level (without commensurate rewards, motivation, or proper gear), there’s more emergent gameplay than before. Just yesterday I ended up in a 3 block running gun fight involving 4 factions that stumbled on each other, and it was hilarious.

I’d prefer they not keep making the same mistakes like spongy, omniscient enemies, but otherwise it’s the best expansion since Division 1’s Survival mode.


Yeah I had played up to killing the first rogue after completing the New York content. There just wasn’t much compelling to play after that. Turning up the difficulty just made things harder but the drops were the same. Why bother? I put in on the shelf, but I’ll pull it back out now that there’s a new agent to hunt. That part is really fun.

Dug From The Earth

Some nice and very necessary fixes and changes.

Especially to enemy heal stations and Outcast fire grenades (tired of getting downed in one second from those and killed 1 second after that).