Sea of Thieves is heading to Steam with full cross-play capability

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It may not be the biggest sort of cross-platform news, but after enjoying a lengthy stretch of life as a Windows 10 and Xbox One exclusive, Sea of Thieves is sailing into a new port of call as it heads for Steam. Yes, it’s going to be on Steam, and it has even been confirmed as having full cross-play with existing versions of the game. So you can grab things off Steam and still enjoy all of the other benefits you would require from having fellow players to pirate about with.

The bad news is that there’s no date currently listed, so you’ll have to guess about when it will actually arrive… which is fairly appropriate, since “punctuality” isn’t really a whole pirate thing. But we know it’s heading your way now, so if you’ve wanted to sail the seas with friends and enemies and wanted to do so through Steam, your day is fast approaching.

Source: Twitter, Kotaku
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