Star Citizen’s March monthly report outlines alpha 3.9 development progress


Alpha 3.9 is pretty much around the corner for Star Citizen, so reason would stand that the vast majority of March 2020’s monthly report would be focused on getting the new update ready to go. While some of the bigger ticket features have been touched on during the past episodes of Inside Star Citizen, there are a few things that might otherwise jump out.

For one thing, the AI team has been working hard on every aspect of the game’s AI. Whether it’s better finding cover for ground enemies, more effective avoiding of collisions and attempts to break away from being tailed for ships, or new social behaviors for AI residents like exercise routines for NPCs in New Babbage or a bartender that doles out drinks to players in Lorville, things should be a bit livelier in the AI department.

One feature that’s being worked on for alpha 3.9 is the friends list. Soon, players will be able to open up a new party window, see what part of the game a friend is playing, and right-click a friend’s name to join their session if they can. There are more features to be added soon, and the gameplay features team is eager for feedback from players on how these new partying functions work.

There’s lots of other things in the report as well like lighting tech details for the prison, physics threading and performance work, and art updates for ships and weapons among others. As is often the case, there’s plenty for fans to read.


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I guess they can continue developing from home ?