Star Wars: The Old Republic’s GU 6.1.1 is live with the personal conquests revamp

Is contempt the word I'm looking for here?

It’s patch day for Star Wars: The Old Republic, though the patch is a week late and short some of the content players were originally expecting.

“With Game Update 6.1.1, we’ve changed some aspects of Personal Conquests,” BioWare says. “Our goal is to make Personal Conquests relevant to any character, and not just an end-game activity for players at max level. Along the Conquest changes, all Planetary Bonus Missions have now been converted into Daily and Weekly Missions! We revisited these areas to make existing non-Class Mission content more accessible for players to experience.”

The studio says the patch has divided all the personal conquest content into three different level bands and made it much easier to hop from from the objective to the mission.

“The new system can take you directly to required Flashpoints or Operations, open up the crafting window for crafting-related objectives, or grant you quests needed to complete objectives. Players can jump right into the action and begin to complete an objective. Game Update 6.1.1 is now live! Go check out the new Conquest changes or return to planets like, Tatooine or Hoth, to complete Missions that may have gone overlooked.”

BioWare has previously explained that the delay – and the omission of the Dxun operation master mode – is a result of pandemic work restrictions. Dxun will launch in June as part of update 6.1.2. In the meantime, you can take advantage of the double experience event.


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