PlanetSide 2 enlists in the next bout of Outfit Wars


What’s the point of going to war if you can’t be fashionable while you do it? Oh, wait, that’s not what we’re talking about with PlanetSide 2’s Outfit Wars? Hm. That’s a pity. Battles should won or lost on wardrobe, not ordinance, in our opinion.

In any case, the second iteration of Outfit Wars has hit PlanetSide 2 with this week’s game update. “Outfit Wars is a new tournament structure for competitive outfits in PlanetSide 2 to test their mettle against the best-of-the-best on┬áDesolation, an all-new asteroid continent built for competitive play,” Daybreak explained earlier this month.

Starting tomorrow, the new season of enlistment, qualifiers, and tournament battles will begin, going through mid-May. Daybreak made some “major revisions” to the PvP format this time around, putting outfits through three rounds of qualifiers, ofsetting match start times by 30 minutes, and changing how scoring is done.

Source: PlanetSide 2
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