Book of Travels will enter beta testing on May 5


This is one of those stories that the headline effectively tells the tale. Book of Travels, the charming-looking multiplayer game of world wandering, tea sipping, and general cooperation, is headed to beta this coming Wednesday, May 5th. Backers should be receiving an email with a Steam key and details on how to hop in on that date. Incidentally, if you’re among those who isn’t a beta-level backer, you can upgrade your pledge until 8:00 a.m. EDT tomorrow.

In other news, developer Might and Delight used the “forum in games clothes” title Meadow in a philanthropic effort for Safe in Our World, a mental health and gaming charity. Over 10,000 players hopped into the title over the past weekend, with Steam sales going towards the charity effort. The event was such a success that the anniversary elephants that players were trying to find will become a permanent fixture, while new Shelter 3 animals are promised to arrive in the upcoming months.

source: Kickstarter (1, 2)

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Not sure if there’s an NDA, but if not I’d love it if someone who has access could post some impressions. I’m really excited about this game.


I’m surprised to have access to this with my backer tier.

Unfortunately they didn’t say how long the beta will last, as far as I saw. Hopefully not too short as I won’t find time for it before the week-end, probably.