Champions Online revamps the battle at Therakiel’s Lair

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Who doesn’t like angel vs. superhero fights? The angels, presumably. And most of the heroes in Champions Online, it seems; the battle of Therakiel’s Lair was looking pretty long in the tooth, and no one seemed to have any interest in doing it any longer. So the developers moved in to revamp the content, resulting in an overhauled path through Therakiel’s Lair that should be more fun and feel almost new to existing players.

All five boss fights have been overhauled and redesigned, with new tactics for players to learn, while some of the more cumbersome sections have been shortened. (The puzzle section is still there, just smaller.) It should make for a fresh-feeling experience for even veteran players. Of course, you’ll need to find time to fit it in while you’re fighting off a bunch of giant monsters attacking the world once again, so perhaps the timing could be better. Superhero life, you know.

Source: Official Site (1, 2)
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