Aion’s Shadows Over Balaurea is live today in North America

Darky dark dark dark.

It’s shadow time for Aion players on the NA servers, because Shadows Over Balaurea is live in the game today. This means that Inggison and Gelkmaros are now the first stage into endgame content for players, with Silentera Canyon becoming more deadly, reworks for Demaha and Lakrum, and a new group instance in the Altar of Ascension. And that’s just the general world changes, because there are new systems introduced with the patch as well.

Gemstones and Runestones both serve as a way for players to customize accessories, while new Paragon weapons provide a new set of sharp pointy things you can use to dispatch your enemies. There’s also the new Renown system, new environmental changes, more opportunities for gear… there’s a lot, in other words. There’s so much that the game is encouraging new or returning players to hop in and try it out for themselves, even, so get ready for lots of shadows and the slaying thereof. Or… encouraging those shadows. There are shadows, that’s the important part.

Source: Official Site (1, 2)
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