Wurm Online patches in volumetric lighting and PvP adjustments


The bloody battlefields of Wurm Online are about to have some much prettier skies. In the latest patch, players can experience the new volumetric lighting graphical overhaul along with a feature that improves z-axis fighting, all of which was detailed by the devs discussed last week.

There’s more than nice lighting and gorgeous skies in this update, of course. There are also a number of tweaks to PvP based on player feedback, such as a reduction on Tangleweave cast time, timers on changing boat speed and stamina reduction boats getting cut by half, and an adjustment to Focused Will. There are also a variety of other changes and bug fixes, so give a moment to look over the patch notes, then look up to the gorgeous in-game sky. So long as you’re not in combat, anyway.


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This is probably a naive wish, but when they’re done with beautifying it (for steam, I assume), it would be nice to have it patched into Unlimited, too.