Lord of the Rings Online is about to host a royal wedding — and fix epic battles


The long-awaited wedding of King Aragorn to Arwen is about ready to happen in Lord of the Rings Online — possibly as early as next week, according to Friday’s studio livestream. Community Manager Jerry Snook said that the event could start on June 30th, with Aragorn’s arrival in Minas Tirith, with wedding festivities to follow.

The wedding will be an interesting combination of an epic questline and a new holiday, the Midsummer Festival. Volume V Book 1 will kick off “A Time of Celebration,” and as players participate, they can earn an assortment of fun rewards. Additionally, LOTRO is going to be adding wedding-themed gifts to the daily login rewards through the end of July.

There’s more coming with the update than just merriment and matrimony. Standing Stone Games is implementing a new “storied tale” option for those who don’t want to partake in the much-derided Helm’s Deep epic battles, which is coming in time for the progression server’s move into western Rohan. Additionally, there will be changes to several of the classes following their performance on the temporary PvP server.

Snook said that the new VIP benefits are coming with Update 27.1, and the premium Rohan houses are scheduled for July.

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