Magic Legends reveals the secrets of its jungle illusion


One of the places that Magic Legends will adventure through is Tazeem, a dense and beautiful jungle. But as Cryptic Studios explained, it’s somewhat difficult to create a canopied jungle when you’re creating a game where the camera is always pointed down.

Hence, a whole lot of sneaky tricks and illusions to make players feel as though they are experiencing more than they actually are: “The first solution is an old stage lighting trick called a gobo, where a stencil cut-out of a tree canopy is placed between the light and the stage. When light shines through and a gentle sway is added, the shadows feel like you are among the trees.”

If you appreciate environmental design and would like some insight into how the artists create zones like Tazeem, you would do well to read this developer blog.

Yesterday, Cryptic gave an overview of its monetization for the free-to-play ARPG.


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