Crowfall discusses adjustments to keeps and forts in the July developer Q&A


While Crowfall is inching that much closer to a fully announced beta, its current build needs some tweaking. That’s the gist of what was discussed by creative director J. Todd Coleman and design director Thomas “Santabeard” Blair (nickname is of my own creation) in the latest developer Q&A discussion.

One of the main highlights revolves around keeps and forts. In the next update, forts will be less useful as a home base, moving it to the “outpost” family, while keeps will feature more important features to function as a base of operations for players. Forts will still be important, offering capture points and spawning materials, but they will offer little else by design. On the subject of keeps, those are getting redesigned as well in order for some variance in attacking these locations.

The latest build will also change when forts and keeps will be open for capture, making forts open for capture daily (so players can have a Fort Night. Hah!) while keeps will become available twice a week and at a time when other keeps are open as well, forcing players to make decisions on whether to attack or defend.

The devs are also working on adding more events to the game in order to have things to do utilizing the alert system that’s in-game now. An example given was a fight against a Spider Queen monster that drops a potent relic, which should ideally draw people in for some PvP. There’s more that is being worked on as well, such as a promised nerf to ranged weaponry, a flattening of weapons damage numbers to stop min-max rolling, and promises of improved performance.

Speaking of new things, there will be a new Dregs campaign coming soon, arriving to NA and EU servers today and running until Thursday, July 23rd.

source: YouTube. This post was amended after publication to clarify this is the July Q&A, not June Q&A.
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