Elder Scrolls Online announces Stonethorn, its next DLC, includes two-person mounts in tow

The last DLC of the year, meanwhile, is called Darkstorm

During its livestream this afternoon, ZeniMax Online Studios busted out with something you probably weren’t expecting for The Elder Scrolls Online today, though you knew it was coming eventually: an announcement for the game’s next DLC. It’s called Stonethorn, and along with update 27, it’s launching “soon,” with two new group dungeons, new gear, more performance improvements, changes for the housing editor, and a new storyline carrying forward the Dark Heart of Skyrim arc.

“In the Stonethorn DLC, you and your team can explore two exciting new dungeons that build upon the tales from the earlier Harrowstorm DLC and Greymoor Chapter. Note that while these dungeons are part of a larger, grand narrative, you can jump in and enjoy their stories without having to complete any of the previous Dark Heart of Skyrim adventures. In fact, if you so wished, you could begin your year-long journey right now! These dungeons provide more exciting adventures for you and your party, filled with monstrous beasts and challenging boss battles to overcome, amazing new questlines to experience, and a huge selection of additional Achievements, item sets, and collectibles to earn.”

Notably, ZOS promises continuing performance upgrades – ongoing over the last year – and the addition of character pathing to the game’s housing system, which will allow players to “build paths for [their] abode’s many residents (including pets, mounts, and assistants) to follow” and “specify many locations (nodes) for each path, and pick their walk speed, add delays, and even decide whether they loop through to their original location, ping-pong back and forth along the path, or travel between nodes at random.”

Perhaps the most exciting thing on the stream (though not in the post) is the addition of two-person mounts; we’ll apparently learn more soonish. The update hits the PTS next week. Oh yeah, and the DLC after that? It’s called Darkstorm!

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