RuneScape resorts to Desperate Measures with its July 27 content drop

No really, the update is literally called Desperate Measures, see


New content is always on the way to RuneScape, and this round, it’s called Desperate Measures. As revealed yesterday, the new chapter will follow up the Desperate Times storyline from 2019, focus on the still-got-that-new-skill-smell archaeology skill, and release on July 27th, so you won’t even have long to wait.

“A new chapter in RuneScape’s epic Elder Gods series will soon challenge players to use the recently introduced Archaeology skill when ‘Desperate Measures’ launches on Monday 27th July 2020. Desperate Measures is a direct follow up to last year’s Desperate Times narrative and will continue the Elder Gods questline. Desperate Measures will see players gathering a team and using their Archaeology abilities to discover new mysteries in the dinosaur-infested island of Anachronia. Investigate the Kerapac threat and uncover more information about the Dragonkin, a race of powerful dragon-like creatures. Bringing the game’s world of Gielinor to the edge of catastrophe, Desperate Measures will set things in motion that will inevitably lead to the rising of the Elder Gods, and the Elder God Wars. RuneScape members can prepare to wield their powerful Archaeology and Combat skills in readiness for Desperate Measures’ arrival on Monday 27th July.”

In other RuneScape news, this week Jagex posted another retrospective on the game’s tutorials.

Source: Press release

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