The Elder Scrolls Online provides a 360° peek at one of Stonethorn’s new dungeons


With The Elder Scrolls Online unveiling its next DLC, Stonethorn, it was only a matter of time before the train of previews for what’s coming would start rolling in. This time, the game is doing something a little different with a 360° preview of one of the upcoming dungeons.

The preview is set in Castle Thorn, planting players firmly in a section of the castle’s parapets to have a look at the spooky atmosphere and classical gothic architecture. It’s not exactly revelatory, but it does at least provide the barest taste of one of the two new group dungeons that will be arriving with the Stonethorn DLC.

A more involved (and written) look at Stonethorn’s dungeons is likely coming soon, but for now, interested players can swivel their digital heads about.

source: Facebook
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