Star Citizen offers rewards for players helping players during Foundation Festival 2950


The month of July is all about the power of friendship in Star Citizen. Or at the very least cooperation and shepherding freshly minted Citizens through the spaceship sandbox’s learning curve. The Foundation Festival community event is offering those who enlist as Guides some rewards for taking some new birds under their wing.

The entire event circles around the Guide system, which lets players sign themselves up as guides and lets new players seek out others to learn things like basic controls, mining, FPS combat and more. For every player who acts as a guide this month, they’ll be getting unique forum badges and a unique Anvil Arrow skin based on how many successful Guide sessions have been completed. Additionally, the top ten guides will be rewarded with “the ship that best represents their teaching expertise.” New players aren’t being left behind either, as those who backed the game within the last 30 days and complete a guide session of at least 30 minutes will be granted 5,000 UEC.

Playing with friends in Star Citizen could also be rewarding for established squads, as the Foundation Festival is also holding a screenshot contest, handing out multi-crew ships like the ARGO Mole, the Retaliator Bomber, and the MISC Freelancer as first, second, and third place prizes respectively. All players have to do is submit an action-loaded screenshot of their crew doing its thing.

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