Torchlight III opens PTR, tests endgame ‘dun’djinn’


With massive adjustments, patch filler, and wipes incoming, Torchlight III isn’t the most stable of online environments these days. Weirdly enough, it may actually be more interesting to play on the public test realm, which has opened up this week for those looking to check out the new endgame “dun’djinn.”

“We believe the public test realm will provide an alternative and more lax place to play Torchlight III,” said Etchra Games. “It gives us as a team an environment to attempt quick patches, a place where the community can have additional characters/accounts to play (and break), and a whole bunch of players (away from the live servers) for one community manager to torment with Giant Yapper town battles.”

The PTR is only available for US players and offers no promises in regards to uptime, character persistence, or stability. There will be liberal access to plenty of cheats and endgame gear to equip characters for the new Fazeer’s Dun’djinn Challenge, however.

Source: Steam

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A ptr for a game that’s in early access. We are in the worst timeline