Police in Taiwan locate the owner of a lost Switch thanks to Animal Crossing

That'll cost you money.

So here’s a cute story for you. A man in Taiwan took his Nintendo Switch along when he went to the ATM to grab some cash, but he forgot to take the Switch with him after the ATM. Someone found the Switch and brought it to the police, but there was no information about the owner within the console. What there was in the console was a copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. And that made all the difference.

No, really. The police used the game to message the man’s friends, who subsequently could inform him of what had happened and ultimately got him in touch with the authorities and got his Switch back. Animal Crossing saved the man’s console. Good news for the slightly forgetful owner, bad news if Tom Nook ever finds out about it. (We don’t want to imagine how many bells he’d charge you for letting you find your lost property, but it’s probably a lot.)

Source: CTS via VG24/7

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I bet this person’s friends were a bit surprised. “This is the police…we have your friend’s console…”

Also, the computer security part of my brain wants to know if this was possible because the Switch has no security lock features, it has them but they are easily bypassed, or it has them and the owner just did not use them.