Early access MMO Atlas adds farming structures, de-levels everyone to level 80


If pirate ships didn’t get you into Wildcard’s Atlas MMO, how about pirate farms? Yep, the beleaguered early access MMO has added farmhouses and related structures, which boost harvesting efficiency, offer storage, and speed up gathering. The studio does say it’ll still be “faster to manually farm for resources when you need something right away,” the farming structures and windmills will help long-term.

“Available under the Construction & Mercantilism Esotery of Building, players can construct both Wood & Stone Farmhouses in the Smithy. Farmhouses will require at least one thatch or wood unit for fuel to start gathering resources from nearby nodes, and as long as there are thatch and wood nodes within the area, the farmhouse will continue to fuel itself. Talk about efficiency! Players will be able to determine the farming radius based off of the light blue sphere during placement. Any resource with at least one node within the radius will be collected.”

Wildcard also notes that it’s still full-speed ahead on its plan to flatten all level 80+ players to level 80 as a “response to leveling abuse.” The level cap will still be 120, meaning players will need to grind it out again, even if they weren’t exploiting. “Although this may also affect some righteous Pathfinders who were able to level up far, we felt that this was in the best interest for the health of the game,” the team writes. On the other hand, it’s halted plans to allow players to buy ships for gold and promises a “more comprehensive feature” in the future.

Source: Steam, press release
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