Ashes of Creation’s Steven Sharif AMA covers monetization, endgame, and more


Judging by the flood of comments over Steven Sharif’s impromptu Ask Me Anything post a week ago, it looks as though the hype is still very strong for Ashes of Creation. Intrepid Games’ CEO returned two days ago for a more formal live AMA that fielded about an hour-and-a-half of burning questions from the community.

As with most AMAs, the topics bounced all over the place. Sharif discussed group XP, caravan logistics, religions, the character creator, the difficulty levels of PvE, and endgame content (among other things).

Sharif reiterated that Ashes of Creation will not charge a base fee for the product but will require a subscription. “It lets the people try the game, and if the game is good, they will continue to sub,” he said.

Sharif also followed up the video with a comment saying, “Due to your feedback from this AMA, I have directed our community team to post a discussion thread on the forums next week regarding thoughts on multi-boxing. My position is that launching multiple applications on a single computer will be prohibited, but multi-boxing from separate computers is acceptable, as long as the client that’s running is not under any 3rd party program or macros.”

Fan site Ashes Post has a transcript summary of the video if you would rather skim quickly than watch slowly. Your choice!

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