Fortnite elaborates on the Ventures feature and new missions arriving to Save the World


With Fortnite effectively putting the kibosh on major new updates, there leaves the one final piece of content which will become the only form of regular content: Ventures, a seasonal feature that takes place in a location known as the Blasted Badlands.

This area promises to be full of missions to undertake and modifiers to deal with each season, with more missions unlocked as players’ Seasonal Venture level increases. The Ventures zone will also not feature weapon crafting, instead offering up high-rarity weapons by way of vending machines that are scattered around the map. Finally, there are some mechanics changes like an inventory that’s separate from any other mode’s inventory.

The post also offers up a look at some additional quests happening in Save the World, all of which are focused on getting NPCs to the radio station. The rewards for doing so include a number of new heroes to earn; the dates for getting these characters is variable, so make sure to look over the post if you need more information.

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