Path of Exile shares the statistics of seeds in the Harvest league

What was best of all was that longing look you gave me.

A new challenge league has been running in Path of Exile for about four weeks now, and that means it’s time to share statistics. Who doesn’t like statistics? Statistics are fun. Have a whole bunch of statistics about challenges and seeds dropped! There have been a lot of seeds dropped, with over 3 billion tier 1 seeds dropping and descending numbers on through the fourth tier. The low numbers of tier 4 drops is a bit of a surprise to the developers, but they are currently working with it being a function of the sheer level requirements.

It also turns out that challenge completion for 12 challenges and 24 challenges is down very slightly compared to Delirium, but taking on the 36 challenges actually sees more players having successfully completed everything. That may be due to added effects or just oddities of timing. Either way, it’s a full set of data for analysts and fans to pore over, with more due out in the near future. Math!


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