Tree of Savior adds a new raid and some powerful new weapons


Well would you look at that, Tree of Savior is still kicking out the jams. Good for you, you plucky, painterly, pretty little MMOARPG. The game’s most recent update has some pretty sizeable new things for max level players, including an all-new raid and some potent weapons for the game’s classes.

The raid takes place in the White Witch Forest, a frigid landscape that promises some stern challenges. The update brings the first version of this raid online, but a Legend-tier version of the raid is also in the works that promises new attacks to watch out for along with increased HP and attack values.

The update has also added eight new Vaivora Weapons that can be found as rare drops in the episode 12 region. These new weapons are meant to be some of the most potent pieces of kit in the game, offering some class-specific stats that will likely be appealing to players. There’s also other updates like personal housing, changes to episode quest structure, and a number of skill changes for several classes. Granular details can be found in the patch notes.

source: official site (1, 2) via Reddit

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I really would like to get back to this game a bit and the housing piqued my interest some more. Though the housing guide left me with more questions than answers.