Star Trek Online shows off the game’s summer reward ship, the Risian Weather Control Vessel

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Risa is a resort planet. That’s its whole thing in Star Trek in general and Star Trek Online in specific. It turns out that part of what has made it viable as a resort planet is the Risian Weather Control Vessel, a scientific ship made to manipulate weather patterns that increasingly turned into an ever-more-engineered craft capable of performing a variety of different functions. And since it’s the big prize for players who take part in the game’s summer event starting on August 4th, it’s good to take a look under the hood and see what the craft is actually capable of.

As a science vessel, of course, this Tier 6 ship emphasizes using science powers rather than raw weaponry; at the same time, it’s a quick little ship and can do some real damage with it signature console that summons wandering patches of shield drain and radioactive damage. Unlocking its spaceship trait also allows you to turn any anomalies summoned by your bridge officers into electrical storms, to boot. Check out the full rundown of the stats on the official site, and if you’re a console player, be happy that the game is also adding this new ship to consoles and PC on the same date this time.


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Saxon Myers

Nice! A Science Ship. I just got back into the game recently, so this will be perfect for my main


That’s a good looking ship!

I haven’t enjoyed playing STO in a while now, and their events have been a big miss for me unfortunately. I will give this one a try and see if i end up enjoying some of the activities.


Most of the past summer event ships I’ve picked up have been interesting, but I never used them for long before heading back to more familiar territory. This year, though, is something I can maybe see using as a main ship for one of my captains.