Path of Exile is launching on Mac in September

Path of Exile is launching on Mac in September

If you’re an MMO fan and a Mac user and you really want to do those two things together… well, you’re a trouper, we’ll just say that. Grinding Gear Games will make your MMOARPG funtimes a little easier, however, when it drops a “Mac specific version of Path of Exile” in September.

That’s it. That’s the whole announcement, apart from the fact that the release will come alongside the game’s next expansion.

Meanwhile, GGG posted patch notes for the 3.11.1D update coming by the end of the week; it’s chiefly bug fixes, including tweaks to re-entering labyrinths, harvest infrastructure, and Lookout Map boss room cultists. Oh, and the team fixed that annoying crash from… taking a screenshot. MJ will be thrilled.

Source: Press release, patch notes

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Bryan Correll

Probably a bad move. The passive tree is too complex for Mac users.

John Kiser

I’m really unsure why they would support mac unless using some sort of stuff to run it in the api they use and run it through Metal as redoing the entire game to run on Metal is going to be lot of work and means splitting off an entirely separate code base.