Final Fantasy XIV offers a few more tidbits about patch 5.3 to its special site

Fly free, too.

Flight! Letting slip the surly bonds of gravity and taking to the skies! Final Fantasy XIV has let players fly in the expansion zones before now, but starting with patch 5.3 players can take flight in the base game zones as well once the initial 1-50 MSQ is completed. And that’s one of the bits of additional content highlighted in the game’s newest update to the special patch site, along with a streamlining and improvement of the original main scenario line before Heavensward.

Players will also be gaining access to a new draconic delivery partner in Ishgard as well as building a new commercial district within the Firmament as part of Ishgardian restoration. There’s also the new “unreal” trial against Shiva and some of the new minions and mounts available in the patch, which should delight and confuse players even as they wonder where the new hairstyles are. There’s a lot of stuff in the patch, in short, and here’s another helping of previews.

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