New World wraps up ‘density test,’ and the community is impressed


With all the activity flitting about Amazon’s New World these days, you wouldn’t think that the upcoming MMORPG has been delayed all the way into 2021. This past weekend, the studio ran a “density” (read “stress”) test to prepare the servers for the promised pre-order preview that’s coming later this month. Said density test has now concluded.

And while there was an NDA surrounding the test, well, you know how gamers are. Gamers are gonna talk, NDA or no, and social media is full of impressions made public anyway.

“After playing for a little bit I can say I see why it is being delayed,” one person said on Twitter. “Has some really good fun things about it so far, but also a lot of stuff that can be improved.”

“It’s a great mix of several MMORPGs that captures the genre very well,” one Redditer noted. Another said that the PvE questing needed a lot of work, but that “the core game is really good.” The combat system was mentioned as a “step backward,” and PvP was frequently singled out as needing improvement.

There were also many glowing reports about the potential of New World: “I went in expecting the game to be a mess since it was delayed for almost one year. I played 24 hours over the weekend and stayed up until 3 am my time to interact and watch the servers close. VERY impressed with the game so far.”

If there was any consensus among the reports, it’s that pretty much everyone agrees that it was a good idea to delay the game to allow for more development and polish. But you probably knew that already.

Source: Twitter, Reddit

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I thought ‘I’m just going to pop in for a few minutes and see what it’s like.’ I ended up playing about 20 hours over the weekend. I haven’t gotten hooked like that by a game in probably the last decade. It has something special and the core gameplay and systems feel great. It needs some more polish, but I can’t wait until it fully releases!

Rolan Storm

No surprise. Even their first Alpha was interesting and engaging. With all things they changing and Amazon’s resources behind the game it will be somewhat of an item.


I played this game for 38 hours during the stress test. It checked all of my boxes. I must say, however, that I have never liked dungeons or raids in WoW, so the lack of them didn’t hamper my enthusiasm at all. I understand that some people live for those kinds of activities, and that’s fine. I hope they work on that for you.
I was pleasantly surprised enough that I don’t know why they pushed it back. I was expecting a buggy mess, but lots of the negative feedback I heard just sounded… Dumb. And elitist, if that’s the term. One guy said that he wouldn’t play until his musket didn’t clip through the shield on his back …… I’m sorry, but if that puts you off of a game….. Wow. Ok. I understand that sometimes a bunch of small issues create an avalanche, but I don’t see the need to nerd rage over clipping. A lot of other comments (on older YT vids) mentioned a slew of other issues that just didn’t exist. I’m not saying the game is perfect, just that I liked it and some people are making up the dumbest excuses just to rag on the game.

All of that being said, I am a little worried. I got to play a good (borderline great) game over the weekend. End of August, we’ll play it even more… Then wait until 2021 to play again. The amount of content that they’ll need to add to feel like the wait was worth it just seems ridiculous. They’re gonna revamp the entire questing system, add more PvP opportunities, plus add dungeons or raids before their 2021 launch? Doubtful. Launching now while being honest about where they’re going would have made more sense to me. Buuuuut I’m just a pleb who has no experience in that field. I’m sure they know what they’re doing. If not, well, nobody’s gonna cry over them losing a bit of cash.

Dankey Kang

Ngl, I had a really fun time with the New World stress test; granted I only played for 9~ hours and got to level 15. Unlike most other MMO’s I’ve played, exploring just feels really fun in NW. Weapon balance was pretty bad, the Gun while fun to use just felt far too weak and the Axe was definitely OP but despite that combat is super fun.

I really hope they use this extra year to cram in as much good PvE stuff as possible. If NW has a good endgame and progression system then they could be on to a winner.


The consensus when I was online over the weekend was that the combat was great. I thought it was brilliant, I can’t wait for the game to be released.


Let’s hope they have content for launch.

tony quinn

Well, first of all WoW has no business in the same paragraph with New World the state its in now puts that outdated boring crap to shame. All I will say from what I experienced nothing wrong with the combat system when I first started I thought that as well, but the more you play the more you realize you have to learn it, gear for what you want to do. I loved it will say no more.


“The combat system was mentioned as a “step backward” Uh what? This was the best aspect of NW imo. Best combat since Age of Conan. When you got hit, it felt like you got hit. I hope Amazon does not touch combat. I thought it was fantastic.


Yeah, the twitter poster just wanted to constantly mash skills like in gwe2, but couldn’t xD.
It’s one of the dangers of citing random tweets without the in-tweet argument. The text in question had NO sustenance at all. Massively OP strikes again

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agemyth 😩

I barely touched the stress test, but I was actually impressed with the way the game felt compared to my memory of a beta 1+ years ago. I couldn’t play more than 30mins at a time because the game would crash my video drivers, but I think they may have stumbled their way into doing at least a few things right with this game. I hope they put in a good PVE game with all this time they got.


Most PvE players I’ve talked to regarding the game had little good to say. Most of the feedback was regarding a questing system that’s straight pre-2010 and generic everything else. Those that didn’t like Dark Souls also complain about animation locking (IE: Can’t dodge/cancel a move once you commit to it). The most typical high praise I heard was “the game has good bones” or “It’s a good start for a game” kinda sentiment that you’ve heard people say about every game that ended up doing pretty mediocre. A lot just enjoyed the fact it was anything new in an era where we’re lucky to see any new MMOs coming out.

The PvP players still willing to give it a chance had nothing good to say either. Not because they couldn’t murder anyone as some people would have you believe, as in fact a lot of people are predictably flagging up for the increased XP bonus. However their concern is long term once everyone is capped out people will stop flagging up for bonuses and without an area where they can go PvP (IE: Wilderness in Runescape, Cyrodill in ESO, WvW in GW2, etc etc etc) there’s not going to be reliable PvP action to keep their attention.

Bruno Brito

That’s a good feedback: Make endgame zones for war. Clearly this game won’t have good enough PvE to make a new legacy, like WoW has. They should just go back into the former vision, with a bit more QoL.

That being said, i don’t expect Amazon, of all things, to chase a niche, just because they “wanna make a good game”. I mean, who cares about that, right?

Jeremy Barnes

played the former vision and…no, they should never go back to that.


A PvP related zone has been an ongoing suggestion internally for them since the original Alpha. It started out as a suggestion for an area with unrestricted PvP (because in the old system you got murder counts/etc) with faster resource spawns in the original Alpha.

Every time this has been met with negative response from developers ranging from dismissing it as old players wanting FFA Loot PvP (despite no one suggesting that) to them saying that if players who enjoy PvP aren’t flagging up then they must not think it’s very enjoyable. The most “positive” thing they said in regards to it is if after launch people want it in the game then they would consider adding it (but they’ve said that for literally everything from dungeons to raids etc).

In the MMO space all that are left is niches and temporarily amusing distractions. If Amazon had launched their playerbase would have evaporated instantly soon as WOW launched it’s latest expansion. The current version of New World is a generic, bare bones themepark MMO with no content past level cap. But it’s new. Once it ceases to be an amusing distraction people will just go back to their normal MMOs. It’s too late to go back and people invested in the current design would feel equally bait and switched as the PvP players (see: Legends of Aria). Their only hope at this stage is try to double down further on PvE and basically try to constantly push out new PvE content for players to consume and keep their attention. Can they create some end game content? Can they keep up after it’s released? Time will tell.